REL Southeast’s Research Alliances Include:

Improving Low-Performing Schools

This alliance will investigate research-based strategies to improve student achievement in persistently low-performing schools, especially those eligible for federal School Improvement Grants (SIG).

Scaling up the Implementation of Rigorous Academic Standards

All states have committed to upgrading their academic standards. This alliance will research ways to substantially upgrade instruction and student learning to meet demands of higher standards.

Determining Charter School Effectiveness and Improving Charter School Performance

With a rapid increase in the number of charter schools and unclear information about effective charter school approaches, this alliance will seek solid information to guide state charter school policies and implementation to assure student learning.

Improving Literacy

Student literacy performance continues to be at or below the national average. This alliance will investigate effective literacy interventions at the early grade levels which will support students’ mastery of more rigorous academic standards.

Upcoming Events

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News & Updates

REL Southeast product released: Testing the Importance of Individual Growth Curves in Predicting Performance on a High-Stakes Reading Comprehension Test in FloridaRead the full report here.

REL Southeast product released: Summary of research on the effectiveness of math professional development approachesRead the full report here.

REL Southeast product released: Evaluating the screening accuracy of the Florida Assessments for Instruction in Reading (FAIR). Read the full report here.