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New REL Southeast Reports Describe the Principal Workforce in Florida and Methods for Answering Similar Research Questions in Your State

Two new reports from the Regional Education Laboratory Southeast at Florida State University describe how to analyze administrative data to better understand a state's education leadership workforce. Although both reports present findings and methods specific to an analysis of the Florida Department of Education staffing database, the data and analytic methods can be used to develop and explore similar questions specific to other states or districts.

Summer Reading Camp Self-study GuideA descriptive analysis of the principal workforce in Florida schools

Who are the school leaders in Florida? What career paths did they take to get where they are? This study examines Florida's 2011/12 assistant principals and principals and their paths to leadership from 2001/02 through 2011/12. The report describes the demographic make-up, state certification coverages, career paths between 2001/02 and 2011/12, and evaluation ratings of the educational leaders. Findings from this study provide a better understanding of the principal workforce, particularly providing insight into which candidates become school leaders (for example, teachers, district administrators) and how school leaders move into leadership positions (for example, from the classroom to assistant principal to principal).

Summer Reading Camp Self-study GuideUsing administrative data for research: A companion guide to A descriptive analysis of the principal workforce in Florida schools

This applied research methods report is a companion piece to the report above. It outlines the process and procedures used to clean, merge, and analyze data from the Florida education staffing database. The report provides directions and examples for conducting similar work with other administrative databases.

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